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  • What is RockStop® Rockshield made from?

    RockStop® rockshield is a non-woven geotextile fabric manufactured from short staple polypropylene and polyester fiber. This rock shield is specially formulated with UV-resistant materials to ensure pipeline protection in a wide range of construction environments. RockStop® rockshield is routinely tested to ASTM standards and is manufactured in ISO:9001 rated North American facilities to guarantee its strength, durability and longevity.

  • What sizes can RockStop® Rockshield be purchased in?

    RockStop® rockshield is available in rolls and pads convenient for every size of pipeline and can also be custom cut to order. RockStop® rockshield can also be purchased in ‘Master Rolls’ for longer stretches of pipeline requiring protection from rocks. For a chart of all available and stocked sizes, please request a product brochure.

  • Does the RockStop® Rockshield hold moisture against the pipeline coating?

    RockStop® rockshield permeability is designed to react similarly the surrounding soil and will dry out as the soil does.

    How long does it take to dry out?

    After backfilling, RockStop® rockshield will dry out as quickly as the surrounding soil. RockStop® rockshield hydrate conductivity is similar to a sand.

  • Does RockStop® Rockshield interfere with cathodic protection systems?

    No. RockStop® rockshield is totally compatible with all cathodic protection systems.

  • Can you install RockStop® Rockshield with filament tape like other rockshields?

    Yes. We also recommend considering RockStop® rockshield QuikStrips for their shear and peel strength. Our quickest and strongest installation method would be heat-welding using a RockStop® rockshield heat tool. Heat welding with a RockStop® rockshield heat tool adheres RockStop® rockshield in seconds with a permanent seal that is safe to pipeline coatings. Please contact a PipeSak® Pipeline Protection representative for more information.

  • Do you rent or sell the bars used to install the larger sized rolls?

    Both! Contact a PipeSak® representative for more information.