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I have had the pleasure of working with your new pipe supports and have found them to be very useful. We use them on setup for staging pipe at various heights to allow for proper welding angles. They have proved to be very useful in rolling joints of pipe without scarring when adjusting angles and seam roll for fit ups. The ability to orientate during stacking to get a desired height has been very useful. We are currently attaching the supports to the pipe with rope at predetermined spacing to decrease the need to adjust when the section is lowered in the ditch. This also cuts down on time shifting and moving them when you are lowering in pipe. We have stayed within the installation guidelines and had zero issues as far as structural integrity even when placing them under sags or overbends that may require a little more stability. All in all I really have to say it is a great product with versatile uses and the structural integrity is well worth it.

- Bryan Hittle | Tie-in Foreman | Trinity See the full story

We used PipePillo structured pipeline supports last year in our brush back operations, they were great. They eliminated the heavy skids we were using and, there was no need for laborers to reset skid sets every few joints. PipePillo pipeline supports helped create a safer work environment.

- Eric Ellquist | Pipe-yard Operator | Pe Ben

Colorado Interstate Gas and Wyoming Interstate Gas Company have been using PipeSak® pipeline weights for nearly 7 years on various diameters of pipe. Our first experience with PipeSak® pipeline weights was a 24” diameter transmission line running from near the Colorado – Wyoming border to a power plant near Platteville, CO. The pipeline traversed several low lying areas requiring buoyancy control. We were quite pleased with the economics of using PipeSak® pipeline weights compared to other methods of buoyancy control. The design and ease of filling and handling were well accepted by the Company and the Contractor. We have installed PipeSak® pipeline weights on lines as large as 36” diameter with excellent success and no damaged coating.
The use of geotextile fabric filled with gravel ballast is an innovative and effective method of pipeline buoyancy control. A significant economic advantage is being able to quickly adjust the footage of installed PipeSaks® pipeline weights without having the potential of extra weights left over from a project.
El Paso Western Pipelines will continue to use PipeSak® products on future projects and would recommend their use to other companies.

- Lynn Christensen | Project Management | El Paso Western Pipelines

Union Gas Limited has used PipeSak® brand pipeline buoyancy control weights for several years. The weights have been used on pipelines from 12 inch diameter through 48 inch diameter. We are very pleased with the product and the service provided by PipeSak®. The PipeSak® geotextile pipeline weight design is innovative, and effectively facilitates easy installation. Only the highest quality materials are used and the fabrication is superior to anything else we have seen. Union Gas Limited has absolutely no concerns about the integrity of the product or it’s longevity.

As a satisfied customer of PipeSak® and experienced user of it’s products, we can unconditionally recommend any of their products as a cost effective means of controlling pipeline buoyancy.

- Gerard Mallette | Project Manager | Union Gas Limited

Second job bending pipe in the pipeyard, PipePillo structured pipeline supports have replaced skids for all of our pipe supports. The ease and stackablity makes it quick and easy to secure large bends. The durability of the PipePillo structured pipeline support is amazing, we reuse the same 24 for our daily bending. Sales and support are top notch.

- Ray Stieg | Bending Boom Hand | Trinity

Schmid Pipeline Construction, Inc made a decision to increase productivity by using the PipePillo structured pipeline support. We have found them to be lightweight, reusable and easy to set up. The PipePillo pipeline support holds the pipe securely so you can easily work with the pipe without harming the coating or fear of the pipe rolling off. We have found the PipePillo structured pipeline support to increase production by eliminating 80% of the wooden skids that we would normally use. Not only are the they lightweight, durable, and reusable ( when used to replace skids) but they lead to a safer work environment. The use of wooden skids often leads to more injuries from smashed fingers and strained muscles. If you want to increase production, lower material cost and have fewer injuries, the PipePillo structured pipeline support can solve a lot of problems.

- Tony Layrock | Project Manager | Schmid Pipeline Construction, Inc.

You fine folks gave us a great presentation of the products that you carry. My guys and gals really took it to heart when I asked them to use and abuse the PipePillos you graciously let us use to see how they would fit into our pipeline system. The PipePillos held up fantastic and excelled in the different situations. They will save us time and money as well as the lessened percent of someone getting injured.

The foreman showed high excitement in using the RockStop in the near future. Thank you all for showing us and letting us use the products hands on so we can now incorporate them into our daily routine without questions on the jobsite. That is part of the reason we will continue to always use and purchase the PipeSak brand of materials.

- Timothy Tureson | Superintendent | Michels Pipeline, Inc

The stuff we had last project, we purchased over the counter from the supplier and had to be cut by hand… buying your PipeJacket™ was 5 times faster! Bottom line, the guys love it! The tape is better and faster too.

- Tony Burke | Total Field and Environmental

This is our first opportunity to use this RockStop product. We found this product to truly be easier to work with. It’s a lot lighter, it went on nice. It was a good experience for our first time to use this product. We really like it!

- Henri Laborde | Mojave Earth Solutions

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