• What is PipeDefender™ made from?

    PipeDefender™ is made from high impact strength polyethylene. The design incorporates a pattern of peaks and valleys, engineered to not only disperse the force of impact but also absorb it through deformation.

  • What sizes can PipeDefender™ be purchased in?

    PipeDefender™ is already offered in 38” wide x 48” long panels that can be connected to encircle various diameters of pipeline.

  • What’s the difference between traditional wood-lagging and PipeDefender™?

    PipeDefender™ is extremely light-weight and easy to handle. This reduces handling and labor costs as well as delivery costs to your yard or ROW. All of this, combined with the superior testing results from the most rigorous, standardized testing for pipe protection, gives you better, cost-effective, long-term pipe protection.

  • How do you install PipeDefender™?

    At only 23 lbs per panel, PipeDefender™ is easy to handle and can be installed quickly.The interlocking design makes installation with two workers simple. Custom QuickZip™ fasteners come supplied with every order. The modular design of the panels accommodates all pipeline sizes 20"and larger. PipeDefender™ can even be field trimmed to better accommodate tight bends.

  • Will PipeDefender™ interfere with cathodic protection systems?

    No. The patented design of PipeDefender™ incorporates multi-channel drainage, allowing ground water an easy path into AND out of PipeDefender™. The free-flowing water ensures that resistivity levels remain within typical variations found in soils, and prevents water from pooling against the pipe surface.