• What is PipeDefender® made from?

    PipeDefender® engineered pipeline lagging is made from high-impact strength polyethylene. The design incorporates a pattern of peaks and valleys to not only disperse the force of impact but also absorb it through deformation providing superior protection compared to traditional wood lagging.

  • What sizes can PipeDefender® be purchased in?

    PipeDefender® is available for 4"-48" diameter pipe with panels up to 38” wide x 48” long panels that can easily be connected with seamless, overlapping teeth to fully encircle the pipe for no-compromise protection.

  • What’s the difference between traditional wood-lagging and PipeDefender®?

    PipeDefender® is an extremely lightweight engineered pipeline lagging system that is easy to handle, easy to transport and requires no equipment to install it. PipeDefender® provides extended protection due to its polyethylene composition compared to using a natural wood material that will decompose. PipeDefender® offers the most robust and long-term protection while reducing handling, shipping, and labor costs.

  • How do you install PipeDefender®?

    At only 23 lbs per panel, PipeDefender® is easy to handle and can be installed quickly. The interlocking design makes installation with two workers simple. Custom QuickZip™ fasteners come supplied with every order. The modular design of the panels accommodates all pipeline sizes 20" and larger. PipeDefender® can even be trimmed onsite to better accommodate tight bends.

  • Will PipeDefender® interfere with cathodic protection systems?

    No. The patented design of PipeDefender® engineered pipeline lagging incorporates multi-channel drainage, allowing ground water an easy path into AND out of PipeDefender®. The free-flowing water ensures that resistivity levels remain within typical variations found in soils, and prevents water from pooling against the pipe surface.