3 Products: PipeSak Geotextile Weights, TUFF-N-NUFF Rock Shield, PipePillo Structured Pipeline Pillows

You’re looking for a solid position on pipelining’s future.
We’ll give you three.

Progress gives you options. But before you make changes, you want clear answers and proven technology. That’s PipeSak Pipeline Products & Services. It’s our position that you deserve simplicity, speed and safety. Used separately or top to bottom, our three products ensure you get superior support at every angle.


PipeSak Geotextile Weights

PipeSak, the original geotextile pipeline weight, is made from ASTM tested, geotextile rated fabrics — with a 4X overall factor of safety. PipeSaks spread the fabric load using a multi-compartment design that is safer and longer-lasting than the one or two compartment design used by other fabric weights.

PipePillo Structured Pillows

We're proud to announce our new PipePillo structured pipeline pillows. PipePillo is designed to serve as an in-trench support to permanently suspend the pipeline 6" to 8" above a rocky trench bottom, replacing foam pillows sand bags and pad dirt. PipePillos can also be used adjacent to the trench replacing wooden skids as stackable pipeline supports for stringing and welding.

TUFF-N-NUFF Rock Shield

TUFF-N-NUFF is a 9mm thick P.V.C. strand-extruded pipe protection pad with excellent compressive and impact strength. The TUFF-N-NUFF flexible pads or rolls come in convenient sizes and can easily be installed by two or three men, minimizing labor costs. Weather is never a problem for the TUFF-N-NUFF PVC material, which is tested from -50 to +120 degrees C.


We've made a decision to increase productivity by using the PipePillo. By using PipePillo we've eliminated 80% of the wooden skids that we'd normally use.
Tony Layrock, Schmid Pipeline Construction Inc.

We've used PipePillos on multiple 20"-36" pipelines. They are an innovation that has simplified our processes and saved money on our bottom line.
Tom Skinner - Bluewater Constructors

Not only are the PipePillos lightweight, durable, reusable (when used to replace skids) they lead to a safer work environment.
Tony Layrock, Schmid Pipeline Construction Inc.

When buoyancy control encompasses such importance to pipeline construction, the economical and financial benefits of PipeSak fabric weights become highly attractive points for our future projects.
Petrobras Inc. at the Rio Pipeline Conference, Brazil 2009

If you want to increase production, lower material cost and have fewer injuries, the PipePillo product can solve a lot of problems.
Tony Layrock, Schmid Pipeline Construction Inc.

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