PipeSak® Geotextile Pipeline Weights

PipeSak geotextile pipeline weights are manufactured from extremely tough, non-biodegradable, woven polypropylene fabrics. By utilizing bulk bag manufacturing technology, PipeSak Inc. is able to offer a product that is made to the highest standards at the lowest cost. All of our manufacturers are ISO rated ensuring a consistent, high quality product.

Installing PipeSaks on pipeline
Safe and quick filling using hopper
No workers required in trench
Less trench dewatering required
Installing PipeSaks on floating pipeline


PipeSaks are manufactured from the heaviest grade fabric in the industry. The (400 GSM) “geotextile grade” fabric is made for buried application – signified by the black colour of our fabric. Other bag weights use a lighter (200 GSM) fabric which is typically white and not “geotextile rated” for underground service – even when doubled up.
No other bag weight manufacturer annually certifies “All” their components - fabric, webbing and thread, to meet a minimum 4x safety factor like PipeSak.

Environment and Pipeline Friendly

PipeSak geotextile pipeline weights are a soft buoyancy control, allowing the pipeline the ability to move slightly while still maintaining negative buoyancy and coating protection. PipeSaks are as permeable as the ballast used to fill them, allowing groundwater and cathodic protection an easy path.

Concrete coatings and saddleweights can leach chemicals into the ground water. PipeSak's non-biodegradable polypropylene fabric is filled with local gravel, making them as environmentally friendly as the natural stone used to fill them.


Low product price, reduced handling costs, and use of local gravel as ballast combine to make PipeSak the most economical pipeline weighting system. PipeSak's "effective weight" under water often exceeds that of equivalent concrete weights due to less water being displaced, allowing for fewer weights. PipeSaks are also cheaper to install, requiring no extra trench depth, less trench dewatering, and conforming to most trench bottoms. PipeSaks are non-biodegradable and can easily be removed if ever required.

PipeSaks can be fabricated and shipped directly to a site, often within days.

Safe and Durable

PipeSaks are made from ASTM tested, geotextile rated fabrics — with a 4X overall factor of safety. PipeSaks spread the fabric load using a multi-compartment design that is safer and longer-lasting than the one or two compartment design used by other fabric weights.

Easy to Install

Installation is safe and simple. Fill the PipeSak bag weights with gravel from a local source, distribute along the right of way, lower over the pipeline, and back-fill. PipeSaks can be installed with a single lift hook, which can be released without workers in the trench. The system of hooks and loops used by other fabric weights can be difficult to release.

Stable Design

With their stable, low design, PipeSaks can be installed on to a floating pipeline without risk of tipping — requiring no trench dewatering. The other single and two compartment fabric weight designs can be difficult, if not impossible, to place on a floating pipeline.


Can PipeSaks damage pipeline coatings?

How do other bag weights compare to PipeSaks?

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