PipeSak Filling Services

PipeSak® pipeline weights are designed to be quick and easy to fill, but properly filled bags are important. PipeSak Filling Services offers two options, We Fill and We Train, to help you get the full benefits of Pipesak bouyancy control.

Lowering hopper onto filling stand
Attaching PipeSak to hopper
Filling PipeSak using hopper
Removing filled PipeSak from hopper
Adding filled PipeSak to stockpile

We Fill

PipeSak Filling Services will fill and stockpile, on our site or yours, any size and quantity of PipeSak or any competing weight. We guarantee a top quality finished product — free of defect and within 5% of the designed weight. PipeSak quality control ensures a properly filled, accurately weighed PipeSak.

  • We use local, natural aggregate as ballast.
  • We maintain filling consistency through the use of a specially-designed quick fill and release hopper system.
  • We guarantee that the filled bags are consistent with the specifications by monitoring weight throughout.

We Train

PipeSake Filling Services will provide an on-site technician to comprehensively teach and guide your crew on proper filling techniques.

  • Take advantage of our experience and expertise.
  • Transfer knowledge and skills to your crew.

When you choose PipeSak Filling Services, you gain trusted experience and a commitment to your project. PipeSak crews have filled in every type of climate and have run multiple operations on a 24-7 schedule. PipeSak crews are staffed for every condition to accommodate the contractor’s schedule.

Contact Ryan Connors, Project Manager & Filling Services
Email: ryanconnors@pipesak.com
Phone: 1 866 747 3725 or 519.472.5080

Filling Projects

  • Cuero – TX
  • C-93 - TX
  • Tri-States – LA (Consulting/Training)
  • Alta Gas – AB
  • Eagle Ford – Rock Island – TX
  • Chesapeake Energy Winter 2011/2012 Stockpile – NY
  • Tri-States – LA (Consulting/Training)
  • Central Valley Gas – CA
  • Ruby – WY,UT
  • Acadian – LA (Consulting/Training)
  • Red Lake – ON
  • Wood Buffalo – AB
  • Wolf Lake – Ft. McMurray, AB
  • Nipisi Pipeline – AB
  • Kearl – Ft. McKay, AB
  • North MaxHamish – NWT, BC
  • Bison – WY
  • Keystone Phase III – KS
  • Mid-Continent Express – LA, MS
  • Alberta Clipper – SK, MB
  • REX East – OH
  • Millenium – NY
  • Air Liquide Hydrogen Pipeline – TX
  • Keystone – NE, KS
  • Min-Can – MB, MN
  • NAE Victor DeBeers (Consulting/Training)
  • Cypress – GA
  • Rockies Express – WY
  • Access – AB
  • Black Rock – AB
  • Firebag – AB

Contact us to learn how our filling services can simplify your next project.

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