PipePillo™ Structured Pipeline Pillows

PipePillo is a structured pipeline pillow (SPP) used to safely support fully loaded pipelines, both in and out of the trench, for the life of the pipeline.

Lowering pipeline on to PipePillos in trench
Placing PipePillo in trench
PilloPicker placing PipePillos in trench
PipePillos delivered and ready for use
Geoff Connors inspects PipePillos laid out in trench

Environment and Pipeline Friendly

PipePillos are manufactured from high strength polypropylene resins which are environmentally inert yet softer than most pipeline coatings. In addition, PipePillo’s many cavities and rough texture help to limit any cathodic shielding.

Designed for Strength

The design incorporates a patented dual frustoconical shape which is able to transfer extreme loads very effectively through to consolidated or virgin soil beneath.

Easy to Handle

PipePillos are light enough to be manually handled, yet dense enough to resist floatation.

All PipePillos have a rectangular center hole, which accommodates an installation rod (2 x 4) for positioned placement without workers in the trench. For deeper excavations, PipePillos can be strapped to the bottom of the pipeline prior to the pipe installation.

Additional Uses

Although designed as stable, long-lasting support for pipelines in rocky trenches, PipePillos also work extremely well outside the trench:

  • as a pipe support during the stringing and welding processes
  • as an effective means to support exposed pipelines during and following integrity digs, limiting the requirement for compacted soil beneath the pipeline
  • as a low level pipe support when stockpiling pipes.


When used outside the trench as a single or multistacked support, spacing can typically be one tower per joint of pipe – much like current wood skid technology. In the trench for long-term support in a fully backfilled and operating condition, we recommend 15 ft (4.5 m) spacing. Use our Spacing Estimate form to get more precise spacing estimates for PipePillos both inside and outside the trench.

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