TUFF-N-NUFF Rock Shield

TUFF-N-NUFF Rock Shield is a non-woven mat consisting of small diameter (approximately 0.050”) strands of flexible PVC. The strands are bonded to each other in a controlled, random pattern. TUFF-N-NUFF Rock Shield protects pipe coatings from direct impact during backfilling operations. It also provides long-term protection by keeping hard objects in the backfill away from the pipe coating during operation of the line. TUFF-N-NUFF protects the pipe coating from these abrasive objects as lateral and longitudinal movements occur.

Installing TUFF-N-NUFF in the winter
TUFF-N-NUFF on a pipeline
TUFF-N-NUFF protected pipeline in roller cradle
Taping TUFF-N-NUFF on to pipeline
Single worker installing TUFF-N-NUFF

To Install

TUFF-N-NUFF is installed in any of three ways, depending on pipeline diameter, available equipment, and contractor’s choice.

  • Method 1: For pipelines measuring 20” in diameter or less the “cigarette wrap” method is recommended. Unroll TUFF-N-NUFF rolls along the top of the pipe allowing the free edges to hang down. The width of the TUFF-N-NUFF roll is matched to the circumference of the pipe and includes a nominal overlap of 4”. Secure the free edges in place with monofilament tape or nonmetallic strapping overlapping the ends at the 6 o’clock position of the pipe for maximum protection.
  • Method 2: 72” wide TUFF-N-NUFF pads are available from the factory cut to length matching the circumference of the pipe. Pads are wrapped around the circumference of the pipe, with ends overlapped approximately 2” to 4” at the 6 o’clock position. Pads are secured in place with monofilament tape or nonmetallic strapping. Pads are placed in this manner along the length of the pipe with an edge overlap of 1” to 2”.
  • Method 3: The third method of installing TUFF-N-NUFF is spiral wrapping. TUFF-N-NUFF can be purchased in roll form and spiral wrapped around the pipe by hand or with a spiral wrap tape machine.

Availability and Size

TUFF-N-NUFF is available in 6mm & 9mm thickness and in rolls or pads up to 72” wide. TUFF-N-NUFF can be produced in any length. Custom size TUFF-N-NUFF rolls and pads are quickly made to order to fit virtually ANY size pipe for NO EXTRA CHARGE.

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