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In addition to our original PipeSak® Geotextile Pipeline Weights, PipeSak Pipeline Products & Services is pleased to announce our new PipePillo™ Structured Pipeline Pillows. We are also your source for TUFF-N-NUFF Rock Shield.


At PipeSak Pipeline Products & Services, we are known for our innovation, quality and attention to your bottom line.


From the first geotextile pipeline weight, to our new structured pipeline supports, PipeSak is at the fore-front of innovation in the pipeline industry. If your project has unusual challenges, you can be sure that PipeSak will be there with an innovative solution.

Commitment to Quality

PipeSak is committed to delivering high quality products and services. No other bag weight manufacturer annually certifies “All” their components - fabric, webbing and thread, to meet a minimum 4x safety factor.


PipeSak Pipeline Products & Services offers competitive quotes along with numerous cost efficiencies. Consider PipeSak Pipeline Products & Services when pricing out your pipeline projects.

PipeSak® Geotextile Weights

PipeSak, the original geotextile pipeline weight, is made from ASTM tested, geotextile rated fabrics — with a 4X overall factor of safety.

PipePillo™ Structured Pillows

PipePillo Structured Pipeline Pillows are designed to both serve as an in-trench support to permanently suspend the pipeline above a rocky trench bottom, and be used adjacent to the trench as stackable pipeline supports for stringing and welding.

TUFF-N-NUFF Rock Shield

TUFF-N-NUFF is a 11mm thick P.V.C. strand-extruded pipe protection pad with excellent compressive and impact strength.

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