Engineering Support

At PipeSak Pipeline Products & Services, we have a team of engineers that work with you to understand your objectives and help you develop the solution that best fits your design requirements. We also aid and guide you through the implementation process ensuring our products meet your needs. Have questions about any of our products? Need help incorporating PipeSak products into your pipeline project? Our knowledgeable engineering staff is ready to help. Contact us for engineering support.

Custom Engineering

PipeSak Pipeline Products & Services has developed custom engineering solutions for projects ranging from the largest pipeline in the Western Hemisphere to the Alberta oilsands. If your project has unique bouyancy, support or protection needs, put PipeSak's engineering expertise to work. Contact us to learn more.

The PipeSak Engineering Team

Geoff W. Connors – President and Founder

Geoff W. Connors – President and Founder

Geoff W. Connors has worked in the pipeline industry since graduating from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Applied Science and a degree in Civil Engineering. Geoff invented the geotextile pipeline saddleweight while working on the design and construction of some of the largest diameter pipelines in North America. Geoff is the president of PipeSak Pipeline Products & Services and continues to revolutionize the pipeline industry with his innovations – recently applying for worldwide patents on a new product, the PipePillo™.

Geoff is married with 5 children.

James Blokker – Engineer-in-Training

James Blokker joined PipeSak Inc. in 2009 to bring additional technical and design aspects to company. James is currently an Engineer-In-Training (EIT) working under the direction and guidance of Geoff Connors. He works on custom designs, product testing, and discovering and investigating new technology in the pipeline industry. James is currently gaining experience and knowledge towards his professional engineering license. James has a mechanical and materials engineering degree from the University of Western Ontario. James has used his experience with CAD and engineering analysis to help create PipeSak’s newest product, the PipePillo™.

James Blokker – Engineer-in-Training

Cross Island Project

To meet the unique bouyancy needs of the largest pipeline in the Western Hemisphere, PipeSak developed a bag weight capable of holding 14,000 lbs (6350 kgs) of iron ore.

Wood Buffalo Pipeline

PipeSak designed a longer geotextile weight to address limited clearance issues in a solid rock trench.

PipePillo™ Pipeline Pillow

PipeSak developed the PipePillo structured pipeline pillow to provide support for larger diameter pipelines, thinner wall thicknesses and increased risks of ovality and denting.

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