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Strong values, strong products, and a commitment to customer support,
that’s PipeSak Inc.

Strong Values

When you work with PipeSak Pipeline Products & Services, you not only get innovative, durable, high quality products, you work with professionals who have more than 20 years and tens of thousands of pipeline miles worth of experience. At PipeSak Inc., we recognize and respond to your ultimate needs for safety and durability for all your pipeline projects, and we work hard to ensure our products meet your rugged construction standards and stay within your budget.

Strong Products

PipeSak works closely with our clients to create new and inventive solutions to challenging and technical pipeline construction issues. For example, after years of R&D and input from some of the largest pipeline owning companies in the world, we launched our newest invention, the PipePillo™. The PipePillo is revolutionizing the way companies think about pipeline support in rocky trenches. Additionally, PipeSak is growing even more with our recent addition of the Tuff-N-Nuff rockshield to the PipeSak product line. We are also working on several new products to help simplify pipe transport, stringing and welding.

A Commitment to Customer Support

Have questions? At PipeSak, we always support our customers. Call 1-866-PIPESAK and ask for Geoff — he’s regarded as the expert in the pipeline industry for pipeline buoyancy control and he also happens to be the founder and president of PipeSak Pipeline Products & Services. From ground level engineering to post-project support, we work hard to make sure PipeSak Inc. exceeds all expectations.

The PipeSak Team

Geoff W. Connors – President and Founder

Geoff W. Connors has worked in the pipeline industry since graduating from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Applied Science and a degree in Civil Engineering. Geoff invented the geotextile pipeline saddleweight while working on the design and construction of some of the largest diameter pipelines in North America. Geoff is the president of PipeSak Pipeline Products & Services and continues to revolutionize the pipeline industry with his innovations – recently applying for worldwide patents on a new product, the PipePillo™.

Geoff is married with 5 children.

Ryan Connors – Project Manger

Ryan grew up in the pipeline industry. He started out as a junior inspector for Union Gas and then worked his way through several positions, both in the field and in the office. In 2001, Ryan joined the PipeSak team as its filling supervisor. Ryan is now the project manager for PipeSak Inc. and oversees all aspects of filling operations as well as project costing. Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge to his position, having experience in everything from equipment operator to estimator.

When not out on a job you can likely find Ryan in the mountains either snowboarding or mountain biking.

Meghan Connors – Operations Manager

Meghan Connors joined the PipeSak team in 2002, bringing her experience in finance, purchasing and logistics during a period of rapid expansion. Meghan oversaw the opening a new manufacturing facility in Sudbury, Ontario, as well as sourced new suppliers and production capacity abroad.

Meghan is now the Operations Manager at PipeSak Inc. and oversees the general operations of the company. She has a degree in Business Purchasing and is currently working towards her Masters of Business at the University of Western Ontario. She is the proud mother of two sons, Connor Bellaire and Keagan Bellaire.

Adam Connors – Logistics Coordinator

Adam joined the PipeSak team in September 2014 as logistics manager after returning home to Ontario from six years living and working in Vancouver, B.C.. He brings to PipeSak his extensive experience in asset and operations management in the aviation security industry to support logistics, inventory and project management at PipeSak.

In Adam’s spare time, he enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding and hiking. Adam and his wife Jennifer are expecting their first child in November 2014.

Robin (Rocky) Seils – Director of Sales

Robin or “Rocky”, as he is known in the industry, joined PipeSak Inc. and PipeSak USA in 2009 as its director of sales. Robin co-ordinates the sales and global marketing efforts for PipeSak. Robin previously worked for Caterpillar Tractor Company in Peoria, Illinois before moving to St. Louis, Missouri to work for Greenstreak Inc. for 23 years in manufacturing supervision and production management. In 1998, Robin was made director of Greenstreak’s Tuff-N-Nuff Rockshield division until he came to PipeSak in 2009.

Robin and his wife Donna have been married for 37 years and reside in St. Louis, Missouri. They have two daughters and two grandchildren.

James Blokker – Engineer-in-Training

James Blokker joined PipeSak Inc. in 2009 to bring additional technical and design aspects to company. James is currently an Engineer-In-Training (EIT) working under the direction and guidance of Geoff Connors. He works on custom designs, product testing, and discovering and investigating new technology in the pipeline industry. James is currently gaining experience and knowledge towards his professional engineering license. James has a mechanical and materials engineering degree from the University of Western Ontario. James has used his experience with CAD and engineering analysis to help create PipeSak’s newest product, the PipePillo™.

Tracy Lalor-Wilde - Accounting

Tracy joined PipeSak Inc. in 2008 after returning home to Ontario from five years in Alberta. Her office management and accounting experiences are from a wide variety of industries including boating, poultry veterinarians, pork industry and security companies. Tracy is responsible for all PipeSak accounts receivable/payable, payroll and several other financial areas.

In her time off she enjoys her large family, reading, interior design and her two dogs.

Cam Cunningham - Inside Sales & Marketing Support

Cam joined PipeSak Inc in 2014 and provides support for our customers and outside Sales team. His sales and service experience includes varied industrial manufacturers and software developers. Cam’s responsibilities include Sales & Marketing support, Project & CRM administration.

Outside of work, Cam has two children and is involved in large scale community programs, planting trees to enhance the local urban forest.

Geoff Connors, President & Founder

PipeSak Milestones

  • 1987: PipeSak invented
  • 1991: Filed for US Patent
  • 1992: Filed Canadian Patent
  • 1995: Received US Patent
  • 1999: Received Canadian Patent
  • 1997: PipeSak Incorporated
  • 1997: PipeSak’s filling hopper was developed
  • 2009: 100,000th PipeSak installed
  • 2011: PipeSak Inc. became a master worldwide distributor of Tuff-N-Nuff
  • 2011: First PipePillo installed

Important Projects

  • 1991: 1st PipeSak installed 8.625”OD pipeline for Union Gas
  • 1992: 1st PipeSak installed outside Union Gas for NOVA in Red Earth Creek, Alberta
  • 1996: 1st River crossing project- TCPL supplied approximately 60 PipeSaks for the Red River crossing in Manitoba
  • 1998: 1st big PipeSak installed – TCPL supplied approximately 600, 7 ton PipeSaks for a 42”OD pipeline in northern Ontario.
  • 2001: 1st international project – 36” OD Alliance pipeline near Fargo, North Dakota; 300 PipeSaks used for a recently installed pipeline that floated up due to lack of weights. PipeSaks were used in conjunction with concrete set-on weights already on site.
  • 2010/11: Biggest Project – Enterprise –Acadia Expansion; supplied approx. 28,000 PipeSaks for 36”OD and 42” OD pipelines
  • 2011: 1st PipePillo Installation – El Paso, Ruby Pipeline; Rockford Corp. used PipePillos for 42” OD pipeline as a partial skid replacement and as an in-trench support in areas of rock

Important Hirings

  • 2011: Robin (Rocky) Seils hired as Director of Worldwide Sales
  • 2011: James Blokker (EIT) hired to assist in the engineering development of the new PipePillo product line
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